6056 E Baseline Rd #129
Mesa, AZ 85206
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Crossfit Leiftime Fitness and its coaching staff have been impacting the lives of its members ever since it opened its doors in 2008. Our coaches love what they do and care about your fitness and getting you results. Offering smaller group classes allows us to gives you the attention and guidance you need to be better than yesterday. Ultimately the difference is in the environment Crossfit Leiftime Fitness provides. Joining the Leiftime Army allows you to surround yourself with a group of like-minded individuals that will inspire and motivate you. Crossfit Leiftime Fitness will not only improve the physical aspects of your life but the mental and spiritual as well.


CrossFit Leiftime Fitness Is about our longevity and performance at work, what we are teaching our kids about fitness, the relationships we have with each-other, the strength of those relationships, the strength in ourselves, the strength in our community and the Strength in Family. The beauty of our philosophy is in its simplicity. The two attributes you’ll absolutely need if you want to be successful in accomplishing your goals at our gym are hard work and consistency. We believe hard work reveals character. If you like to complain and do the bare minimum then the Leiftime Army is not the place for you. We don’t wake up hoping to be average and we like to surround our self with strong individuals that push us to get better. If you are consistent and develop a routine that works for you you’ll see a drastic impact in several aspects of your life. We believe physical fitness is a lifelong process and isn’t something that should only be taken seriously for a couple of months out of the year. If you care about your fitness as much as we do you will fit right in.